Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cowboy Glyph and Reading Street 2

If you're working your way through Scott Foresman's 2nd Grade Reading Street, and are reading Cowboys or your students are learning about cowboys, this post is for you.

reading street cowboys
First, we read the Cowboys reading selection, talked about the pictures, worked with the new words, and talked about what it would be like to be a cowboy--or cowgirl too of course.

cowboy glyph

Then we worked through my Cowboy or Cowgirl Glyph. We started out with the glyph questions and patterns. If you're not familiar with glyphs, they are a visual way to represent data. For this glyph, depending on how you answered questions about cowboys, you colored the hat, boots, bandanna, and gloves a certain color. You could also use the same items printed on colored construction paper.

Then we worked on some writing. The prompt was simple... "If I were a cowboy ...."  and "If I were a Cowgirl...". This writing prompt was part of each cowboy and cowgirl craft.

Next, we looked at all the glyphs and worked a bit with data analysis and graphed the results from our cowboys. Check out the results! The kiddos even named their cowboys and cowgirls.

cowboy glyph

If you can read the writing prompts above, it looks like the line from Cowboys in Reading Street 2 about what cowboys eat made a lasting impression. They wanted to eat cowboy food! But I didn't add that to the plan--maybe next time.

You can purchase my Cowboy and Cowgirl Glyph HERE at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
Robin Sellers

Friday, February 22, 2013

Preschool Graduation Diplomas and Pre-K End of Year Memory Book for Preschool Graduation

It's the time of the year to get ready for preschool graduation. I like starting on Pre-K End of Year Memory Books now. I've created just the thing to help you have a super Pre-K graduation and let your students create a preschool graduation keepsake. Check out my Pre-K End-of-Year Memory Book, Preschool Graduation Diplomas, and Pre-K Graduation Invitations. {Click here}

pre-k graduation diplomas

preschool memory book

I worked really hard to make this end of the year book fun and a learning tool. I love to integrate fun! There are several options to choose from (over 25 pages) that let your students draw their response or write and draw about their response. I've even added three special pages that add a fingerprint craft, a butterfly footprint craft, and a hand print. These will be great preschool keepsakes.
preschool graduation package

 Check out how these turned out. I really wanted to add the fingerprints and I thought the butterfly footprint craft and the ant fingerprint craft worked well. (These say Kindergarten, but the Pre-K version includes the word Pre-K.)

Check it out {HERE}.

Thanks for checking this out. This is a new item that I have posted at a special introductory price. Please follow my blog to keep up with my latest products and sales.

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