Friday, March 14, 2014

Frog and Toad Craft --- Frog and Toad Writing Prompt Craftivity

Frog and Toad Writing Prompt Craftivities..This is a fun way to add a craft to a writing prompt about frogs and toads. There is a craftivity for a frog and a toad in this package. This is a great writing assignment to use when your students are studying the frog life cycle or learning about pond life for a writing/science connection or a science center.
frog and toad craft

You have lots of options. For the frog and the toad, there is a cover page that includes amphibian's name followed by five different writing prompts. These are prompts that you can print "as is" and the student will decorate/color/paint the frog or toad image and write on the topic.
frog writing prompt

The prompts for amphibian are as follows:

If a were a Toad (Frog)
All about Toads (Frogs)
T is for Toads/ F is for Frogs
A toad (frog) went on an adventure...
One day at the pond... (one prompt for both)

These same prompts are formatted as write and draw or just a draw prompt. Please see the preview.

 frog writing prompt printable
Next, you will find the same topics formatted for a page topper. If you choose these prompts, add the frog and toad image and the pond cattails and lily after those prompts. You can will print these page toppers and ask your students to color or paint them.

frog kwl chart
The last three items for each amphibian are graphic organizers to help with the writing process. Each one has a clustering/web word organizer, a can/have/need chart, and a KWL (Know, Want to Know, Learned) chart. You can find this at my teaching resource store {HERE}.

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