Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Earth Day For Kids : Earth Day Craft

Earth Day fun for kids. Do you need and Earth Day craft for your kids? Create a 3D Earth Day Craft or a Recycling Craft throughout the year. 
earth day craft

earth day activities
 This craft is perfect to reinforce the topics taught during an Earth day science lesson about recycling and it works well as a science center too. There is also a version where the students write how they could recycle, reduce, and reuse.
earth day for kids

You can find this in my teaching resources store {HERE}

Friday, April 11, 2014

Frog Life Cycle Craft Chicken Life Cycle Craft Butterfly Life Cycle Craft Oh My!

Spring Activities Craft -- This spring craft is a unique way to display and teach your students about the chicken life cycle, butterfly life cycle, and frog life cycle and their habitats including the countryside, the farm, and the pond. Tie in the wind for the wind sock and you have a great science activity for spring.

life cycle crafts

Students will create three life cycle wind socks (just add streamers) or a life cycle lantern during your next life cycle science lesson or habitat science lesson. There are additional labels you can add that include the terms for the life cycles. These work well for science centers too or for a science or spring bulletin board.

life cycle activities

These are easy to make! Print out the black and white versions and your students color or paint (watercolors work well) the life cycles. The life cycles show four stages for the butterfly, chicken, and frog. The stages used are as follows.

The butterfly life cycle includes the butterfly, eggs, chrysalis, and caterpillar. The background shows the countryside.

life cycle of a butterfly

The frog life cycle includes the frog, frogspawn, tadpole, and froglet. The background shows a pond.

 life cycle of a frog

The chicken life cycle includes a nesting chicken, an egg, and hatching chick, and a chick. The background shows a farm. You can find this life cycle craft {HERE}
life cycle of a chicken

I also have a Water Cycle Craft {HERE}.
You can find all my life cycle crafts {HERE}.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sweet Tea Classroom Teaching Tip: An Easy Way to Integrate Spanish and Science

I am all about teaching across the curriculum. Here's a sweet little teaching tip that you will love that integrates Science, Literature, and Spanish.

I ordered the entire set of Magic School Bus videos and was very happy to make this discovery.

Click Here to find this Magic School Bus DVD set at Amazon

You can choose to watch the videos in English or in Spanish. So, guess what we are doing today for a little practice?

You guessed it. We are watching a Magic School Bus video for the second time in Spanish and the kiddos love it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cinco De Mayo Printable Craft

Cinco de Mayo: Cinco de Mayo fun! This Cinco de Mayo craft is a pinata that your students can make for some Mexico Fiesta Fun!
cinco de mayo printable craft

It includes Mexico symbols including a map outline of Mexico, a Mexican flag, a guitar, a monarch butterfly, a cactus, a sombrero, and a pepper. Each on of these items in accompanied by a candy that has the name for the symbol in English and Spanish. You can choose to use both of these labels if you wish.
cinco de mayo craft

 There is also a Cinco de Mayo tag to add to the pinata; however, this pinata craft will work throughout the school year and especially when you are studying holidays around the world. I hope you enjoy this Cinco de Mayo Craftivity.

cinco de mayo for kids

Friday, March 14, 2014

Frog and Toad Craft --- Frog and Toad Writing Prompt Craftivity

Frog and Toad Writing Prompt Craftivities..This is a fun way to add a craft to a writing prompt about frogs and toads. There is a craftivity for a frog and a toad in this package. This is a great writing assignment to use when your students are studying the frog life cycle or learning about pond life for a writing/science connection or a science center.
frog and toad craft

You have lots of options. For the frog and the toad, there is a cover page that includes amphibian's name followed by five different writing prompts. These are prompts that you can print "as is" and the student will decorate/color/paint the frog or toad image and write on the topic.
frog writing prompt

The prompts for amphibian are as follows:

If a were a Toad (Frog)
All about Toads (Frogs)
T is for Toads/ F is for Frogs
A toad (frog) went on an adventure...
One day at the pond... (one prompt for both)

These same prompts are formatted as write and draw or just a draw prompt. Please see the preview.

 frog writing prompt printable
Next, you will find the same topics formatted for a page topper. If you choose these prompts, add the frog and toad image and the pond cattails and lily after those prompts. You can will print these page toppers and ask your students to color or paint them.

frog kwl chart
The last three items for each amphibian are graphic organizers to help with the writing process. Each one has a clustering/web word organizer, a can/have/need chart, and a KWL (Know, Want to Know, Learned) chart. You can find this at my teaching resource store {HERE}.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pi Day Craft - A Math Craft for Pi Day

Pi Day-- This Pi Day Craft is a unique way to display and teach your students about Pi.

Pi Day Craft

You students can create a Pi wind sock (just add streamers or use the Pi medallions) or a standing lantern during your math lesson or as a math center.

Pi Day craft

There are more ways to use this Pi craft in your math class. The digits of Pi 3.141459265358 go in a spiral around the cylinder. You can also use this craft to talk about circles (measure the Pi medallions) and cylinders. Click {HERE} to learn more about this math craft at my teaching resources store.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Hat and Black and White Printable Valentine Cards with a Fox

Valentine's Day Hat and Valentine's Day Card Printable Valentines with a Fox: Just print and go with this Valentines Day printable craft.
Fox Valentine's Day

 Your students will color the Valentine's Hat that reads The Fox Says Happy Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day hatValentine card printable

You can also print the matching black and white Valentine cards for your students to color and share. This Valentine craft is super for a foxy and fun Valentine's party.

Valentine headband

Click {HERE} to find this product in my teaching resources store.

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