Monday, September 29, 2014

Pumpkin Craft - Pumpkin Lanterns and Jack-o-lantern Lanterns

Pumpkin Fall or Halloween Fun! Let your kiddos create a pumpkin lantern. The pumpkin lantern is a great alternative Halloween craft. The added bonus is the final result makes a great fall seasonal display and a simple, print and go craft.
jack-o-lantern craft
This fall craft includes two different lantern patterns. One lantern includes a fall pumpkin. The second pattern includes a jack-o-lantern. Each lantern requires only printing one black and white page.
pumpkin craft printable

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Bat Hat Craft

Bat: Create a Bat Hat craft this fall or throughout the year when you are studying bats in science. This So Sweet Craft is perfect for fall or Autumn, Halloween, and even as a craft to go with any bat book you are reading in class.

bat hat

>Your bat craft includes photos, directions, and patterns.

bat craft

I also have a spider hat 
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This bat hat wroks well when you are working with these topics: Autumn, fall, bat, bats, bat, hat, mammals, science, holidays, craft, craftivity, October

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Candy Corn Craft

Candy Corn Counting: Create a Candy corn monster craft this fall or Halloween in your classroom or use this craftivity as a math center to help your students learn to use objects to count from 1-20.

candy corn math

 There are two versions included. For the first version, you will cut the craft out and use colored paper. Use different colored paper for different colors of candy corn math monsters.

candy corn countingcandy corn activity

candy corn craft
 For the second print and go version, print one copy that doesn't require any cutting. I have even included candy corn graphics for you or you can add a bag of candy corn on your own.
candy corn monster
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Solar System Craft

Solar System: 3D Solar System Craftivity Fun. Your students will create their very own 3D solar system with this 3D solar system craft.

solar system craft

This craft includes 3D templates for the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

For each craft, your kiddos will write a short informational report on each side (there is a creative imagine and draw form for young students) of the planet. It's a fun way for your students to research and learn about the planets.

In the end you get a great classroom display or solar system bulletin board! The results will be out of this world.

You can print the black and white planet templates on white or colored paper since I have included two options.

Please send me a picture of your final solar system project to for me to share on my blog! I love to see what you are doing in your classroom. Thanks!
You can find this solar system craft at my teaching resources store {HERE}.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pumpkin Craft: Design a Jack-O-Lantern Cut and Paste Shape Craft

Pumpkin Craft: This simple, one-page printable black and white pumpkin craft lets students design their own jack-o-lanterns. To design the jack-o-lantern, the students color the pumpkin. Then they choose from circles, ovals, triangles, and diamond, and crescent shape to make the face.

jack o lantern craft ideas

Next they cut and paste the face. Then they color around the edges of the shapes to create their very own jack-o-lantern. This craft is a perfect math connection when you are studying pumpkins. Enjoy!

For a science pumpkin connection, be sure to check out my life cycle of a pumpkin 3D craftivity {HERE}.

You can find my jack o lantern craft at my teaching resource store {HERE}.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Life Cycle of an Apple Craft for Fall Activities

It's apple season, and it is the best time of the year to teach about apples. In fact, just last week I got to visit an orchard and sample many varieties of apples. I was quite fond of the honey crisp apple. You can bring apples into your classroom this fall with my 3D apple craft. This apple craftivity looks great and is simple for students to make. This is a super fall apple activity for children.

life cycle of an apple craft

The best part is that they are learning about the life cycle of an apple as they create it. My apple is red, but go ahead and add a bit of variety of your own and print the apple patterns on red, yellow, and light green paper. Perhaps your students could pick the color of their favorite type of apple.

apple craftivity
You can find this apple teaching resource called Apple Craft: {Life Cycle of an Apple Craftivity} {Here}.

life cycle of an apple printable
Thanks for taking a look and happy apple picking!

Oh, did I mention that they also had caramel apple cookies in the bakery at the apple orchard too. Now that's what I need a recipe for!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weather Crafts for Preschoolers -- a rainbow and cloud craft for weather themes

I'm super excited about this weather craft for preschoolers. It's perfect for kindergarten, first, and second grade science activities too. Add a rainbow craft to your next weather lesson or weather unit.
weather crafts for preschoolers

 This simple craft lets young students cut and paste and color. Students will cut out the sun, paste the sun rays, glue cotton balls to the cloud (you will need 14 cotton balls for each student or you can use a dauber or bingo marker), and color the colors of the rainbow.

cloud crafts

This is great for working with learning colors too. (This craft uses purple instead of indigo and violet since those colors are not in the 8 pack of crayons.) This weather craft makes a great bulletin boards too so be sure to display them. You can find it in my teaching resource store {HERE}.

I want to add a little update. Check out what the students of a teacher friend created in their class this week.

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