Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Turkey Hat Craft

Turkey: Create a turkey hat craft this Thanksgiving, fall, or when you learn about turkeys in the classroom. This turkey craft includes a color and black and white version of the turkey craft.

turkey hat craft

This is great if you do a costume parade in your class. Click {HERE} to find this in my TeachersPayTeachers store.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Fall Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Craft for Fall Activities

Who doesn't love to teach about pumpkins? You can do so much with pumpkins in the classroom. I wanted to tie a craft in with the life cycle of a pumpkin.

pumpkin craft

Sequencing cards for the life cycle of a pumpkin are a must to teach young children.

pumpkin craft

pumpkin craftivity

 I combined the two ideas and created this sequencing life cycle of a pumpkin craft. It's a great looking 3-D pumpkin that will look great in your classroom this fall for Halloween and even Thanksgiving too. It will work well for a craft on Halloween day that all parents will approve.
life cycle of a pumpkin sequencing cards

I even added a life cycle of a pumpkin poster to use with this life cycle of a pumpkin lesson.

life cycle of a pumpkin poster

You can find this item at my TpT store {Here}.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Winter Holiday Printable Hats

Winter Crafts: This winter craft activities bundle features winter hat crafts to use in your classroom during January and February. The bundle includes a Winter snowflake hat, a Presidents Day Hat, a Groundhog Day hat, a Chinese New Year hat, a Penguin Hat, and a Valentine's Day hat. This bundle is now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.
printable winter hats

The Winter Hat Bundle Includes all of the following crafts for your winter activities. 

Chinese New Year Hat
Chinese New Year 2019* Let your kiddos create a Chinese New year hat. This Chinese New Year craft includes two different hat patterns. One hat includes all the signs of the Chinese Zodiac - New Year, so no matter if it is the year of the pig, dog, rooster, monkey, goat, horse, the year of the sheep, or another sign, you can use this hat every year. The second pattern includes Chinese symbols for the Chinese new year including dragons, Chinese coins, a money bag and more which works well with your China units. Each hat requires only printing one page.
printable chinese new year hat
You can also use these for holidays around the world crafts or Christmas around the world crafts.
Groundhog Day Hat
Chinese New Year* Chinese New Year Year of the Pig Hat
Groundhog* Groundhog Hat Fun! Here is a printable groundhog craft for your students. Let your students participate in their own Groundhog day festivities this February or during your groundhog science unit. The groundhog hat comes in color and black and white. This is a simple groundhog day activity for all ages. Hope you have fun with your groundhog hats.
printable groundhogs day craft
Presidents Day Hat
Presidents' Day: Make a three-cornered Colonial hat this Presidents' Day. This printable Presidents' Day craft includes a three- page George Washington hat printable pattern. Use these President's day headband hats for fun classroom pictures or for your students to pretend to be a president for the day.
printable presidents day craft
Frozen Hat
Winter: Create a frozen snowflake hat this winter or when you learn about snow or water cycles in the classroom. This snowflake craft includes a color and black and white version of the frozen snow craft. This is great if you do a costume parade in your class.
keywords: winter, Christmas, snowflake hat, snow headband, snow crowns frozen
printable winter craft
Valentine's Day Hat and Printable Valentines
Valentine's Day Hat and Valentine's Day Card Printable Valentines with a Fox: Just print and go with this Valentines Day printable craft. Your students will color the Valentine's Hat that reads The Fox Says Happy Valentine's Day. You can also print the matching black and white Valentine cards for your students to color and share.
This Valentine craft is super for a foxy and fun Valentine's party.
printable valentines day craft
Penguin Hat
Penguins! Penguin Hat Fun! Here is a printable penguin craft for your students. Let your student participate in their own march of the penguins with this penguin hat this winter or during your penguin science unit. The penguin hat comes in color and black and white. This is a simple penguin activity for all ages.
penguin craft

You can find all these winter crafts at my store here: Click Here

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

100th Day of School Crafts for 100 Days of School Party

Who's ready for some 100th day of school fun? If you are, I have all that you need in my 100th Day of School: Polar Bear Party Craft Pack.

100th day of school printables

This 100 Days of School Craft Party Pack has all you need to celebrate the 100th Day of School in your classroom.
100the day of school activities
 It includes a 100 days hat where students will color ten strips with 10 polar bears to reinforce the number 100 in a fun hands-on way.
100 days smarter craft
  It includes a polar bear 100 Days pennant banner for your classroom walls or bulletin board.
100 days of school printables
100th day of school banner

You also get the 10's tags and polar bear 100 Days Smarter necklace medallion to make a 100th day necklace.
100th day of school necklace

There are also ten strips with 10 polar bears each that your students can color to make a 100 Days of school chain.

100th day of school chain

 I've also included a set of 100 Days Smarter badges / 100 Days Smarter cupcake toppers too. Enjoy! You can find this 100 Day Craft set at my teaching resources store {HERE}.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Earth Day For Kids : Earth Day Craft

Have fun with your Earth Day Classroom Activities this year. Look at our Earth Day Cupcakes all dressed up with their own clouds that the kiddos made. Then we got a chance to create our Earth Day Glyph Craft -- that's an Earth Day Craft and an activity-- and practice good Earth Day Practices--reduce, reuse, recycle. 

Teaching in the classroom and at home is SWEET. Enjoy it. 
Kid Made Earth Day Cupcakes {See my Earth Day cupcake post}

Earth Day Glyph Craftivity {See Glyph Post Here}
Here's another Earth Day craft for kids? Create a 3D Earth Day Craft or a Recycling Craft throughout the year.
earth day craft

earth day craft

earth day activities
 This craft is perfect to reinforce the topics taught during an Earth day science lesson about recycling and it works well as a science center too. There is also a version where the students write how they could recycle, reduce, and reuse.
earth day for kids

You can find this in my teaching resources store {HERE}

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Easter Bunny's Assistant Crafts

If you are reading Easter Bunny's Assistant with your class, here are two crafts that will work well to extend the book reading. 

First, check out my Easter Bunny's Assistant Sequencing Craft* You can use this Easter Bunny's Assistant Craft to create a craft of a bunny and a skunk where students will sequence the steps for dyeing eggs. The steps present in this how to dye Easter eggs sequencing craft include boiling Easter eggs, adding the dye tablet to a cup, adding the egg to the dye cup, and decorating the egg. You can also use the Easter Bunny and not the skunk craft for Easter crafts not related to the Easter Bunny's Assistant book. You can find this in my store {HERE}.
Easter Bunny's Assistant Sequencing Craft

If you'd like your kids to be able to make skunk and Easter bunny headbands, you may like this craft too. Easter Bunny's Assistant Craft* How about a bunny hat and a skunk hat for Easter? I've combined two of my seasonal hat products to make this literature combo! It includes a printable rabbit craft and skunk craft for your students. Let your students participate in their own Easter bunny's assistant parade with this bunny hat and skunk hat combo this spring or Easter. The rabbit hat comes in color and black and white. The skunk hat also comes in a black and white and color version. This is a simple activity to go along with reading The Easter Bunny's assistant and works for all ages. You will only need to print two pages for each child. You can find this in my store {HERE}.
Easter Bunny's Assistant Craft for kids

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Printable Easter Bunny Hat

Bunny Hat Fun! Here is a printable rabbit craft for your students. Let your students participate in their own Easter bunny parade with this bunny hat this spring or Easter or during your rabbit science unit by creating a bunny headband. 
printable rabbit hat

The rabbit hat comes in color and black and white. You can also print this hat on light brown paper so that it looks like Peter Rabbit. 

 rabbit headband easter bunny craft

You can let the ears stand up or fall forward like a floppy lop eared bunny. This is a simple rabbit activity for all ages. 

rabbit ears hatprintable bunny ears

You will only need to print two pages for each child. I like to let my students wear their rabbit hats while I read books like Peter Rabbit.

Made just for your spring, easter, rabbit headband, bunny headband, easter activities, peter rabbit activity needs. Click {HERE} to find this rabbit ear headband at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 
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