Saturday, May 3, 2014

Butterfly Life Cycle Craft -- Emerging Butterfly Craft

Life Cycle of a Butterfly: Teach your students the full butterfly life cycle with this creative emerging butterfly craft. 

butterfly life cycle

This life cycle craft illustrates the butterfly as it emerges from the chrysalis. This butterfly craft is a great hands on way to demonstrate the butterfly life cycle that will work for science centers too. Your students will color or paint the black and white printables and use the directions to fold their emerging butterfly. 
emerging butterfly

I have also included a color version of the craft to use as a teacher's copy or to even use during a classroom lesson on butterfly life cycles. This set also includes full sized butterfly life cycle posters to help you display your butterfly craft. You can use these resources during your butterfly unit too. In addition, you will also find the heading Our Emerging Butterflies to use to create a butterfly life cycle bulletin board. Click {Here} to find it in my store.
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