Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gingerbread Man Printable Story

Gingerbread Man Story* Printable Gingerbread Story retelling by Robin Sellers. This is a one page gingerbread story that your kiddos can color and then fold to create a Gingerbread book.

gingerbread man story

gingerbread man activities

This is a simple retelling of the Gingerbread tale and is a great gingerbread activity to add to your gingerbread unit. 

gingerbread man preschool

This gingerbread book goes well with my gingerbread man sequencing craft too. {Click Here} to check out that printable gingerbread man.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Turkey in Disguise Project Ideas

Turkey in Disguise : It is Turkey trouble time for your turkey in disguise with this 3D turkey craft complete with 30 turkey disguises, turkey craft patterns, turkey in disguise writing pages for different ages, and a brainstorming page too.

turkey in disguise craft

This is a fun Thanksgiving activity that integrates Thanksgiving, a craft, and writing and even topics like community helpers, other holidays, or zoo animals with all the included disguises.

Check out these Turkey in Disguise Ideas. Find this product in my teaching store {HERE}. First, we thought some community helpers turkey in disguise ideas would be fun.
turkey in disguise

turkey in disguise idea

turkey in disguise craft

turkey is disquise craft

thanksgiving craft for kids

turkey in disguise printable

turkey craft

turkey in disguise project

But there was more fun. We combined some clever turkey in disgusie ideas with holidays and create a turkey Claus, a witch turkey, and even a president turkey. Our Talk Like a Pirate Day turkey is one of our favorites.
turkey claus pattern

turkey in disguise pattern

turkey in disguse pattern

funny turkey in disguise

And did I mention things got a little wild? Yes, our turkeys went to the zoo. We made lion turkeys, rhino turkeys, polar bear turkeys, and frog turkeys too.

disguise a turkey craft

robin sellers 3d

turkey in disguise examples

turkey in disguise examples

This turkey craft includes the 3d pattern (3 pages) in black and white. As an alternative, there is also a one page flat black and white printable turkey pattern to use. There are 30 disguises in color and black and white including the following community helpers: nurse, fire fighter, mail carrier, detective, police officer, and a chef. The next set of disguises for your turkey craft includes zoo animals: a gorilla, monkey, panda, lion, tiger, cheetah, koala, panda, rhino, and polar bear. The last set of disguises includes a witch's hat for Halloween, a bunny for Easter or Spring, a patriotic top hat for the 4th of July, a pirate hat for Talk like a Pirate day, President Washington and President Lincoln for Presidents Day, and Indian headband and a pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving, and if you want to create a Turkey Clause or Turkey Claus at Christmas there is a Santa hat and coat too. You can find the patterns HERE.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall Life Cycle of an Apple Craft for Fall Activities

It's apple season, and it is the best time of the year to teach about apples. In fact, just last week I got to visit an orchard and sample many varieties of apples. I was quite fond of the honey crisp apple. You can bring apples into your classroom this fall with my 3D apple craft. This apple craftivity looks great and is simple for students to make. This is a super fall apple activity for children.

life cycle of an apple craft

The best part is that they are learning about the life cycle of an apple as they create it. My apple is red, but go ahead and add a bit of variety of your own and print the apple patterns on red, yellow, and light green paper. Perhaps your students could pick the color of their favorite type of apple.

apple craftivity
You can find this apple teaching resource called Apple Craft: {Life Cycle of an Apple Craftivity} {Here}.

Thanks for taking a look and happy apple picking!

Oh, did I mention that they also had caramel apple cookies in the bakery at the apple orchard too. Now that's what I need a recipe for!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Valetine's Day Glyph -- Valentine's Day Love Bug Craft

Glyphs are great tools to use with your homeschooler and in the classroom. This Valentine's Day, use a bug glyph in your classroom as a craft. You can integrate art, writing, and math in a cinch and have a great take-home project or decoration for your classroom bulletin boards.

Instead of putting together a pre-made product like those foam stickers, students make choices based on how they complete a glyph question form. For example, a question could ask students if they know of anyone who was born on Valentine's Day? If they answer yes, then they would, for example, add long straight legs to their Valentine Bug. If they answer no, then they would add short folded legs to the bug. The questionnaire process continues as the child builds his unique creation!

Valentine's day glyph

But wait! Didn't I saw something about math? Yes, now it's time for math, but shh, don't tell the students! Learning should be fun and glyphs are a way to make that happen. Student then use a glyph key to analyze their classmates creations. For example, they could look at the Love Bug legs and create a graph that illustrates how many of their classmates know someone born on Valentine's Day. How cool is that? They can even create graphs of each element on the Love Bug.

You can add more math skills and give students two Love Bugs and ask them to complete a Venn Diagram. Even better, ask them to write about their bug, a classmate's Love Bug, or even compare or contrast two Love Bugs.

You can make your own glyph projects for any topic! It's fun. I also have a 23 page Love Bug Valentine's Glyph Project download available for sale {HERE}

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Free Classroom Management App Solutions: A Noise Meter

How loud is too loud in the classroom? Good question. How do you measure it? It is simple. Grab your phone, tablets, or computer and install a noise meter app. Then, set guidelines with your students for what noise level is appropriate for different activities in the classroom. For example, you should expect some noise during group work but there should be no noise during testing, right? Find these apps at Amazon {HERE}.
classroom management apps

Here is a little free noise meter app for your iPhone that you may want to check out. It's called Noise Down. We tested out the free version and it worked for us. You can also set an alarm to go for a certain decibel level.

If that alarm goes off, then you know when your students are too loud. Of, did I mention this works for the kids at home too?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Groundhog Day Story Starters: Fun Groundhog Day Writing Prompts

Let your kiddos have a blast this Groundhog Day with these fun and original Groundhog Day Story Starters. These Groundhog Day writing prompts are sure to get great results. These Groundhog Day story starters encourage students to be creative and come up with creative stories with their Groundhog Day story starters. Plus, they are perfect for your writing centers.

Groundhog Day writing prompts

A story starter is a great tool to get students writing using creative ideas. A story starter provides a prompt that creates a scenario that, well, starts the story. Then students have a free license to finish the story any way they wish. Plus, they help you meet your Common Core narrative writing goals.
Groundhog Day prompts

I took my story starters, added great graphics, put them on pencils, and added them to a canister that I got from the dollar store. Students can choose their own story starter and even use their new pencil and write away through February. You can purchase my Groundhog Day Story Starters {HERE}.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

100 Days of School Ideas and 100 Days Photo Props

100 Days of School- This 100th Day of School Photo Booth Prop Set, 100 Days Poster set, and 100 days banner is the perfect way to celebrate the 100th day of school and make 100th day memories.

100 days activities

It includes 10 Different 100 day printable posters, and a 100 Days pennant banner for your classroom walls, bulletin board or photo props.

100 days of school ideas
I mustache you 100 questions

It includes a 13 different 100 days photo booth props including mustaches and our original saying of I mustache you 100 questions.

100 days of school posters
100 day photo props

You can find these 100 day photo booth props and 100 day printable posters {HERE}.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Year of the Sheep 2015 Writing Prompts

Chinese New Year 2015 schoolChinese New Year 2015 is the Year of the Sheep and here is the perfect writing prompt craft to help your students celebrate. 

You will find 5 sheep prompts that you can print “as is” and the student will color the animal and write on the topic. 

The first topic asks the student to imagine being the animal, the second topic asks the student to imagine having one of the animal’s traits, the next prompt is for students who have seen the animal at a farm, the next prompt asks the students to describe climbing like a wild sheep, the next prompt states that 2015 is the Year of the Sheep, and the last topic lists the letter of the alphabet that corresponds with the animal. 

Use this prompt for students to list additional words that begin with the same letter, assign your own topic, or let students come up with their own topic. You can also use the 28 Word Wall Words about the Chinese New Year at the end of the packet.

Next, you will find the same topics formatted for a page topper. If you choose these prompts, add the animal image after those prompts and the decorations if you wish. You can either print these animal page toppers on colored paper or ask your students to color or paint them. 

Chinese New Year 2015 writing

The next three items for are graphic organizers to help with the writing process. You will find a clustering/web word organizer, a can/have/need chart, and a KWL (Know, Want to Know, Learned) chart. 
Next--The last pages include 28 Word Wall words about the Chinese New Year. 

Finally--Then you will find a few Chinese New Year Bulletin board posters to help you to display your work.

You can find this item {HERE}.

Printable Frozen Snowflake Hat

Winter: Create a frozen snowflake hat this winter or when you learn about snow or water cycles in the classroom. 

printable snowflake hat

This snowflake craft includes a color and black and white version of the frozen snow craft. This is great if you do a costume parade in your class.

Find this item at my store {HERE}.

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