Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Year of the Sheep 2015 Writing Prompts

Chinese New Year 2015 schoolChinese New Year 2015 is the Year of the Sheep and here is the perfect writing prompt craft to help your students celebrate. 

You will find 5 sheep prompts that you can print “as is” and the student will color the animal and write on the topic. 

The first topic asks the student to imagine being the animal, the second topic asks the student to imagine having one of the animal’s traits, the next prompt is for students who have seen the animal at a farm, the next prompt asks the students to describe climbing like a wild sheep, the next prompt states that 2015 is the Year of the Sheep, and the last topic lists the letter of the alphabet that corresponds with the animal. 

Use this prompt for students to list additional words that begin with the same letter, assign your own topic, or let students come up with their own topic. You can also use the 28 Word Wall Words about the Chinese New Year at the end of the packet.

Next, you will find the same topics formatted for a page topper. If you choose these prompts, add the animal image after those prompts and the decorations if you wish. You can either print these animal page toppers on colored paper or ask your students to color or paint them. 

Chinese New Year 2015 writing

The next three items for are graphic organizers to help with the writing process. You will find a clustering/web word organizer, a can/have/need chart, and a KWL (Know, Want to Know, Learned) chart. 
Next--The last pages include 28 Word Wall words about the Chinese New Year. 

Finally--Then you will find a few Chinese New Year Bulletin board posters to help you to display your work.

You can find this item {HERE}.


  1. The Year of the Sheep brings gentle grace and warmth, embodying a spirit of compassion and unity. With its tranquil energy, it fosters harmony and understanding, encouraging us to approach challenges with a calm demeanor. Symbolizing creativity and kindness, the Sheep's influence inspires a nurturing environment for personal and collective growth. May this year be filled with peaceful moments, creative endeavors, and the joy of shared connections, as we embrace the gentle and uplifting essence of the Sheep.

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