Thursday, March 22, 2018

Printable Easter Bunny Hat

Bunny Hat Fun! Here is a printable rabbit craft for your students. Let your students participate in their own Easter bunny parade with this bunny hat this spring or Easter or during your rabbit science unit by creating a bunny headband. 
printable rabbit hat

The rabbit hat comes in color and black and white. You can also print this hat on light brown paper so that it looks like Peter Rabbit. 

 rabbit headband easter bunny craft

You can let the ears stand up or fall forward like a floppy lop eared bunny. This is a simple rabbit activity for all ages. 

rabbit ears hatprintable bunny ears

You will only need to print two pages for each child. I like to let my students wear their rabbit hats while I read books like Peter Rabbit.

Made just for your spring, easter, rabbit headband, bunny headband, easter activities, peter rabbit activity needs. Click {HERE} to find this rabbit ear headband at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 


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