Thursday, July 14, 2016

Alphabet Classroom Decor Banners Pennants and More

It's back to school time and I've created some super cute classroom decor items for your pre-k and kindergarten back to school needs. I wanted to make sure that you could use your classroom theme items as teaching aides too. I created four different sets of alphabet banners. These A to Z pennants have an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and a cute image on each pennant that helps your students learn beginning letter recognition and sounds. These printable classroom resources are a simple solution for your pre-k and kindergarten classroom themes. Your kiddos will enjoy learning their beginning letters and sounds using these posters as teaching aides.

You can find all classroom decor items {HERE}.

I wanted a bit of whimsy and fun that would go with a circus theme or a carnival theme and I added polka dots too. Check out my alphabet pennant in my polka dot circus theme.
classroom carnival pennants

Here's my orange and aqua theme classroom A to Z banner set.
alphabet wall posters

Here's my rainbow theme classroom decor alphabet banners.
printable alphabet wall posters
If you want a cowboy theme classroom for your back to school classroom decor or you want a western theme, I bet you'll love my royal blue and gold paisley classroom decor set. It's just right if your school colors are blue and gold or blue and yellow too. You can use this to teach the colors of the rainbow too. I've used red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violent as a repeating pattern.
cowboy theme a to z classroom decor
Finally, how about a little bit of stripes and polka dots for your kindergarten classroom decor? They look super cute when they're all lined up across a bulletin board or even in the hall.
You can find all classroom decor items {HERE}.

Thanks, Robin :)

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