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Halloween Teaching Activities: Lots of Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Boo! It's that time of year when we can get by calling our kiddos little goblins. Welcome to the Halloween season. I don't know about you, but for me Halloween is a season that lasts for the entire month of October. I think it adds a little bit of magic and fun into the classroom. I wanted to share with you some of my latest Halloween teaching resources that are sure to be a Halloween hit in the classroom and homeschool classroom.

 First up is my Halloween fraction game. I wanted to create a fun way to learn about comparing fractions (and meet Common Core standards) so this fraction game board was the answer. This fraction board game has all you need to let your students learn about fractions and have fun.

fraction games

First, get your students to create their candy bag fraction books. These books represent fractions and the students cut around the lines for each fraction. I added a candy bag to the book to tie into the theme for the game. For each of the fraction task cards, the children must decide which candy bag has the most candy. They can use their fraction book as a manipulative to help them with an answer.

fraction book
This game includes 90 fraction game cards, costumed kids game pawns, directions, the fraction book, and an answer sheet. This works well as a Halloween math center .

halloween games for the classroom

Click {Here} for more about my fraction game for children.

 Of course you always need to add in a bit of science during Halloween. What about a craft too? I'm so excited about my life cycle of a pumpkin craftivity. It lets students learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin while they create a pumpkin craft. This craft is super any time of they year that you're studying plants.
pumpkin craftivity

Let's add in a bit of Halloween writing. These Halloween writing prompts are also a Halloween classroom decoration and they meet the Common Core writing a narrative standard. Each of the 40 prompts create a scenario where the students will write an imaginative narrative. Plus, use them as pencil toppers and you've got a nice little inexpensive Halloween present for your students. Yeah!
Halloween writing prompts

I also love my Clip It games. They are so great for recognizing numbers and counting. Plus they are super for fine motor skills. With my Halloween games, students use clothespins and clip the correct answer on each card. Just cut the cards apart and follow the rules for the game in the set. I have two Halloween themed sets.

Halloween game for the classroom
 If you know anything about the Common Core standards and math, you know about ten frames. I thought I'd make learning about ten frames a little more fun and I added Jack-o-lanterns to the frame. These are my Halloween ten frames. Fun!
Halloween activity for Pre-K

Halloween ten frames
Who doesn't love candy corn. Here's my numbers 1-20 candy corn math clip it game too.

candy corn math
Thanks for taking a peek at my Halloween teaching resource round up. Please visit my TeacherPayTeachers teaching shop {Here} to learn more or visit my TeachersNotebook Shop {Here}.

I have to share one more Halloween goodie! Look what I got to eat after school today! {Aren't you Jealous.} Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!!!

And I almost forgot.... check out my classroom Halloween decor. This candy corn bunting is just too cute.
halloween bunting

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