Monday, December 16, 2013

Fun Winter Writing Prompts: Winter Writing Story Starters By Robin Sellers

Bring the fun of winter into the classroom with these fun and creative winter writing prompts. It's the time of the year when students can write about polar bears, penguins, snow, snowballs, sledding, ice skating and more. These winter story starters encourage students to be creative and come up with creative stories with their winter story starters. Plus, they are perfect for your winter writing centers.

winter writing center
A story starter is a great tool to get students writing using creative ideas. A story starter provides a prompt that creates a scenario that, well, starts the story. Then students have a free license to finish the story any way they wish. Plus, they help you meet your Common Core narrative writing goals.
winter writing prompts

I took my story starters, added great graphics, put them on pencils, and added them to a canister that I got from the dollar store. I also found the cute snowman holder at Dollar General. They can choose their own story starter and even use their new winter pencil and write away through the holiday season.
winter story starters

You can purchase my Winter Story Starters {HERE}.


  1. Robin I love the adorable way you have incorporated writing prompts and story starters into the! love! love! it!

    The Convenient Teacher

  2. I bought the winter and groundhog story class loves them!!!

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