Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School Writing Prompts by Robin Sellers

I love writing prompts, don't you? The beginning of the year is a great time to add a bit of creative writing to the curriculum. It's this time of the year when students can learn to love writing. You can encourage them to be creative and let come up with creative stories. My back to school writing prompts encourage creative narratives and add a little excitement to the back to school routine. Don't ask your students what they did over their summer vacation. Ask them what they did on another planet over the summer and get ready for some creative ideas.

back to school prompts

I love using story starters. A story starter is a great tool to get students writing using creative ideas. A story starter provides a prompts that creates a scenario that, well, starts the story. Then students have a free license to finish the story any way they wish.

back to school story starters

I got a bit crafty with my story starters this year. I took my story starters, added great graphics, put them on pencils. I added them to a container I found at a dollar store and even added some tissue paper too! It's my own little way of making writing fun and giving students choices too. They can choose their own story starter and even use their new back to school pencil and write away through the first days of school.

You can purchase my Back to School Story Starters and Back to School Writing Pages {HERE}. If you use them, stop back by and let me know how the writing went in your classroom.


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