Saturday, January 25, 2014

100th Day Activities for the Number 100 with Polar Bears

100th Day of School- This 100 Days of School Activity Pack has many polar bear themed math activities to reinforce learning numbers and counting up to 100.
100th day printables

This unit for the number 100 includes polar bear counting cards up to 100. Here are a few ways to use counting cards.
100's cards

Use them like flashcards where students call out the number
Let students line them up in order like a train
Use them to practice skip counting where students display how to count by 2's, 3's, 5's, or 10's
Line them up and remove a few numbers and your kiddos guess the missing numbers

The unit also includes a large and small 100's sorting mat and printable counting bears (polar bears, that is) counters for sorting. You can also use this mat to sort different types of snacks or cereal or candy that comes in different colors.
100 sorting mat

Next, add some more polar bear fun with the color 100 fish activity. You can step things up and ask your students to color each 10 fish in a different color for the 100th day of school.

100th day of school activity

Finally, I created a 100's chart, a count by 2's chart, a count by 5's chart, and a count by 10's chart. Here is a video that shares how to use the hundreds chart for subtraction and addition.

100's chart
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If you'd like to create a classroom celebration, check our my 100th Day Party Craft Pack that coordinates with these activities and include a 100th day hat, 100th day necklace, and more. Just click {HERE}
100th day of school
 100 hat

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