Friday, April 11, 2014

Frog Life Cycle Craft Chicken Life Cycle Craft Butterfly Life Cycle Craft Oh My!

Spring Activities Craft -- This spring craft is a unique way to display and teach your students about the chicken life cycle, butterfly life cycle, and frog life cycle and their habitats including the countryside, the farm, and the pond. Tie in the wind for the wind sock and you have a great science activity for spring.

life cycle crafts

Students will create three life cycle wind socks (just add streamers) or a life cycle lantern during your next life cycle science lesson or habitat science lesson. There are additional labels you can add that include the terms for the life cycles. These work well for science centers too or for a science or spring bulletin board.

life cycle activities

These are easy to make! Print out the black and white versions and your students color or paint (watercolors work well) the life cycles. The life cycles show four stages for the butterfly, chicken, and frog. The stages used are as follows.

The butterfly life cycle includes the butterfly, eggs, chrysalis, and caterpillar. The background shows the countryside.

life cycle of a butterfly

The frog life cycle includes the frog, frogspawn, tadpole, and froglet. The background shows a pond.

 life cycle of a frog

The chicken life cycle includes a nesting chicken, an egg, and hatching chick, and a chick. The background shows a farm. You can find this life cycle craft {HERE}
life cycle of a chicken

I also have a Water Cycle Craft {HERE}.
You can find all my life cycle crafts {HERE}.

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