Monday, June 16, 2014

Life Cycle Bulletin Board

Teaching your students about life cycles can and should be fun! And what a better way to share all that learning fun than to make a life cycle bulletin board for your classroom. I wanted to share this fabulous teacher-created bulletin board that pulls together the chicken life cycle, frog life cycle, ladybug life cycle,  butterfly life cycle and more.
life cycle bulletin board

This clever teacher used my 3-D Life Cycle craftivities {Here} to create this bulletin board gem and came up with a clever heading: It's a Wonderful Life ... Cycle.  I love how the ladybug life cycle is in the grass and the sunflower life cycle is there too. We've got the turtle life cycle and the chicken life cycle and even the butterfly life cycle. Then, she added the water life cycle with the clouds at the top. I love teachers. We are one creative group. 

Here's the link to my life cycle craftivities. {CLICK HERE FOR LIFE CYCLE CRAFTS}

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