Monday, December 15, 2014

Hanukkah Craft

Hanukkah: Create a Hanukkah craft during your Holidays Around the World Unit, Christmas Around the World Unit, or during Hanukkah with this 3D Hanukkah craft by Robin Sellers. This is my latest 3-D Craftivity.

hanukkah craft for kids

holidays around the world for kids

This craft creates a 3-D Dreidel that has four sides. On each side the students will color, cut, and paste a Hanukkah symbol. 

dreidel pattern

hanukkah craft

The four symbols used are the Star of David, the Menorah, Gifts, and Coins.

 I have also included a low-ink poster for each symbol to use when discussing the meanings of the symbols.

You can find this craft at my teaching resource store {HERE}.
hanukkah symbols for kidshanukkah printable poster


  1. This 3D Hanukkah craft by Robin Sellers would be a great addition to any holiday unit, and it's perfect for getting students engaged and excited about Hanukkah! As someone who provides business dissertation help, I can also see how this craft could be adapted for use in a business setting, such as creating festive decorations for an office or workplace during the holiday season. Overall, this craft offers a fun and creative way to learn about Hanukkah and celebrate the season!


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