Thursday, May 10, 2012

Integrate Fun: Cursive Writing and Art

In my last post, I shared how to introduce cursive writing. This post adds another technique you can use to prepare your kiddos for cursive writing. I love to integrate fun and this post adds even more fun to cursive writing. We integrated art and cursive and got some super results.

To get started writing in cursive, we wrote some cursive loopy letters (b, k, h, e, l, q, p , j, f) and the kiddos used markers to color in the loops. Some letters have loops that go up, some go down, and some have both.

This was good, easy fun.  Since we're working with loopy letters first, I asked the kiddos to use different colored markers and make a series of the cursive letter l across a sheet of plain white paper. Then I asked them to create more lines of loop styles across the page. We used the loopy letters in the works bike, hello, quiz, and fish as guides. Check out our work. Pretty fun, right?

cursive writing art

Remember that we're making art, not writing cursive letters, so the experience is fun. The results are super and worthy of displaying. I've found that the skinny Crayola markers work well for this too.

Next we tied in a concept that I wrote about in the last post. The letters in cursive words are connected. We got our yarn out again and matched it up with our loopy art to demonstrate how all these cursive writing loops were connected.

Cursive writing with children doesn't have to be a challenge. It can be a work of art! Please follow my blog by e-mail to catch the next post in this cursive writing series. Hint--it's about cursive, art, and!

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