Sunday, July 29, 2012

A to Z Clip It Games

Are you looking for an alphabet clothespin activity for kids? Here's my A to Z Alphabet Clip It Games.This is a fine motor alphabet activity. I've created four sets for this activity. Each set has the same image but the letters are different. One set has letters that are not likely to be confused and the other set has letters that are similar. This is a perfect activity for kids to learn to learn to recognize the letters in the alphabet and the beginning sounds.
pre k letters first day of kindergarten

Your Pre-K and Kindergarten students will learn beginning letters and practice their fine motor skills too. They'll use clothespins to clip or place over the correct letter. This is a super fun game and a great exercise to learn beginning letters.This alphabet clothespin activity encourages fine motor skills.

You can find this item at my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.

alphabet printables


  1. Thanks so much!! I cannot wait to print and use in my Word Work Station!

    1. I hope you enjoy this and thank you. I just visited your blog too. I wear purple and gold too. Go Pirates!!!!

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