Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Apple Glyph, Back to School Glyph, and Classroom Management Glyph

I've come up with a very educational way to manage the classroom with this classroom management glyph connection. Get your students to complete a glyph and let them display their answers. My Back to School Apple glyph will be a great reminder.

first day of school glyph

apple nametags
apple name tags to add to your glyph

For example, students who ride the bus home will have a yellow apple. Students who ride a bike home will have a red apple. You can post their apples on their desk or even on a bulletin board and use them when students are lining up and getting ready to go home.

 Plus, this is a two in one glyph. You can also use the apple glyph patterns with your apple units. I've added another set of questions that ask students about apples. This is a fun way to learn and have fun with math. There is a tally sheet and graph for each question too. You can also choose to use the coloring page or the apple patterns. This Back to School Glyph is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store {here} and Teachers Notebook {here}.

Robin Sellers at Sweet Tea Classroom

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