Sunday, September 23, 2012

Johnny Appleseed Activities

Who doesn't love teaching about Johnny Appleseed in the classroom? You can cover social studies, science, math, and language arts all with Johnny Appleseed units. I wanted to share a few ideas that I use with Johnny Appleseed that are all in my new Johnny Appleseed Unit. This Johnny Appleseed unit is full of great activities and fall printables.

You can teach about Johnny Appleseed all fall while the apples are ready. Check out my apple craft. The kiddos color and cut out the stages of an apple tree, glue them to the apple patterns, and then create a foldable apple for a fall craft.

Johnny Appleseed craft
Johnny Appleseed craftivity

Then you can add in a little math and fine motor skills for Johnny Appleseed Day with this math clip it game. The students use their fine motor skills to clip clothespins on the correct number.

Johnny Appleseed
Plus, I love to write about Johnny Appleseed. I created these writing prompts so that the students can draw their response for pre-k or write their response for older students. I like prompts that are open ended where there is no wrong answer. It lets students become more creative writers.

Johnny Appleseed literacy

Then, I added a few coloring pages. A is for Apple, but J is for Johnny Appleseed and W is for Wagon. I encourage students to have fun with these and use any colors that they would like to create Johnny's clothing. 
Johnny Appleseed printables

I'm selling this 20 plus page Fall Apples and Johnny Appleseed Unit at my TpT store {Here} and my TN store {Here}.
Johnny Appleseed activities
Johnny Appleseed Activities by Robin Sellers


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