Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Johnny Appleseed Printable Puppets

I think the story of Johnny Appleseed it a story that should be told. It's fine to let students read the story, but if you ask me, this tale needs a story teller. Of course, young children still need help seeing a story, so I created some Johnny Appleseed Printable Puppets to make the story of Johnny Appleseed come to life.

Johnny Appleseed printable

Johnny Appleseed printable
There are many ways to use these alphabet stick puppets in your room. You will not have all of the letters in the alphabet, but you can still do alphabet activities.

•Let students create a new stick puppet when a new letter is introduced (you can use these throughout the year)
•Pass out one set of letters to an entire class, and as you call out a letter, the student with that letter holds up the stick puppet
•Pass out one set of letters and let students line up in alphabetical order (they will need to work with alphabetizing by the second letter too)
•Pass out one set of letters and let students hold up their letter as you sing the ABC song (for the letters you have)
•Use them for chants. Hold up a puppet and say, “O is for …” The students say, “Orchard.”
•Write the letter on the back of the stick and ask students to find certain pictures
•Let students keep all of their puppets in a folder and call out either the letter or the picture for the students to find for review
Johnny Appleseed Story Telling Ideas

•Use the puppets for students to put on a Johnny Appleseed play.
•Use them for story starters and let students create stories from the pictures on the puppets
•Hold up each stick puppet as you tell the story about Johnny Appleseed.
•As you read the story about Johnny Appleseed, students hold up the stick puppet they have when you say their word (this really keeps them on task)
•Students can use the puppets for story sequencing activities.
•Students can use the puppets to sequence the stages of an apple

You can also use your stick puppets to help your students learn more about Johnny Appleseed. I’ve left the letters off for older students.

Click {Here} to learn more about my stick puppets or purchase them at my store.

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