Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Life Cycle Crafts for Kids

Life Cycles* This life cycle sequencing card craft bundle includes seven of my life cycles products. The Life Cycle Craft bundle includes these life cycle crafts: Life Cycle of a Frog Sequencing Card Craft, Life Cycle of a Chicken Sequencing Card Craft, Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Sequencing Card Craft, Life Cycle of a Plant Sequencing Card Craft, Life Cycle of a Flower Sequencing Card Craft, Life Cycle of a Butterfly Sequencing Craft, and The Water Cycle Sequencing Craft. Click {HERE} to locate my Life Cycle Bundle at my teaching resource store.
life cycle crafts

 You can use all these life cycle crafts during your science lessons, and they work well for science centers too. These spring life cycles can be used throughout the year too in addition to spring. Each life cycle set includes a picture of the final life cycle craft, assembly pictures of the life cycle craft, assembly directions, a printable life cycle poster, a printable life cycle craft pattern, and two versions of life cycle sequencing cards (there are four stages for each cycle) to paste on the craft pattern.

chicken life cycle activity

life cycle of a pumpkin craft

butterfly life cycle sequence cards

frog life cycle activity

You can use these life cycle crafts as an introduction to your science lesson or as a life cycle assessment. If you wish, you can also buy the life cycle of a pumpkin, life cycle of a frog, life cycle of a flower, life cycle of a plant, life cycle of a chicken, life cycle of a butterfly, or the water cycle HERE .

life cycle crafts for kids

green bean life cycle

plant life cycle sequencing

flower life cycle craft

water cycle activity

plant life cycle craft

Click the links below to learn more:

Frog Life Cycle 
Chicken Life Cycle 
Butterfly Life Cycle
Pumpkin Life Cycle
Water Cycle
Flower Life Cycle
Plant Life Cycle
Life Cycles


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