Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Earth Day For Kids : Earth Day Craft

Have fun with your Earth Day Classroom Activities this year. Look at our Earth Day Cupcakes all dressed up with their own clouds that the kiddos made. Then we got a chance to create our Earth Day Glyph Craft -- that's an Earth Day Craft and an activity-- and practice good Earth Day Practices--reduce, reuse, recycle. 

Teaching in the classroom and at home is SWEET. Enjoy it. 
Kid Made Earth Day Cupcakes {See my Earth Day cupcake post}

Earth Day Glyph Craftivity {See Glyph Post Here}
Here's another Earth Day craft for kids? Create a 3D Earth Day Craft or a Recycling Craft throughout the year.
earth day craft

earth day craft

earth day activities
 This craft is perfect to reinforce the topics taught during an Earth day science lesson about recycling and it works well as a science center too. There is also a version where the students write how they could recycle, reduce, and reuse.
earth day for kids

You can find this in my teaching resources store {HERE}


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