Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day in the Classroom {Earth Day Cupcakes}

For those of you who approve of cupcakes in the classroom, here's a great way to celebrate Earth Day and  make Earth Day cupcakes with the kiddos and share them in the classroom.

Start with your cake batter. We used cake mix. Separate it into two containers. Since we're making an Earth, put 70 percent of the batter (ocean) in one container and 30 percent (land) in the other (or about that amount). 
Add as many drops of blue food coloring as you'd like to. I'm not big on it, so we used just enough to get a blue ocean color.

Stir it up and take time to look at the artwork you're creating. Add your green food coloring to the green container and stir.

Spoon your first continents with a tablespoon into the bottom of the cupcake holder. I put some oil on the spoon to make this easier.

Then pour the blue batter on top. Top it off with another spoonful of green. make them full so they'll be Earth shaped.

We're almost there. My kiddo did this too~

They're the best looking right before they are all the way baked. They turn a bit when they cook.
Any there you have it.  Easy, kid friendly Earth day cupcakes for the classroom. We even added a dab of whipped frosting for the clouds!

Happy Earth Day, and please come by my Teacher's Pay Teachers store to check out my Earth Day Freebie and my Earth Day Glyph and Flip Book.

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  1. These cupcakes look wonderful! I'm featuring them on my Weekly KId's Co-op post tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing...we'll be whipping these up for Earth Day! :)

    Gina @famiglia&seoul

    1. Thanks for featuring me. Feel free to add the link to your post too.

  2. Super cute idea! Thanks for sharing at the Kids Co-op!

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