Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day Classroom Pictures

Yeah, we're really having fun with Earth Day Classroom Activities this year. Look at our Earth Day Cupcakes all dressed up with their own clouds that the kiddos made. Then we got a chance to create our Earth Day Glyph Craftivity -- that's an Earth Day Craft and an activity-- and practice good Earth Day Practices--reduce, reuse, recycle. (Umm...I guess you can tell that we ate some left over Easter candy too.) 

Teaching in the classroom and at home is SWEET. Enjoy it. 
Kid Made Earth Day Cupcakes {See my Earth Day cupcake post}

Earth Day Glyph Craftivity {See Glyph Post Here}
Enjoy this cupcake for the teacher Earth Day craft fun!
Robin @ Sweet Tea Classroom

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