Wednesday, April 18, 2012

R is for Real Earth Day Recycled Craft

I wrestled with the idea of creating a craft for students to do on Earth Day. How can you teach about recycling, reducing, and reusing while you pull the plastic wrapper off a pack of new construction paper? How can you teach your students to reduce while you're passing out a five page handout? That's when my Earth Day Glyph was born. This is a REAL Earth Day Craft for kids.

A glyph is a visual way to represent data. The students answer questions, and based on those questions, their Earth is created by reusing items like newspapers, manila folders, magazines, and even toilet paper rolls. I was very happy with the results. I even created an Earth Day Flip Book that reduces the number of pages you have to print. This book teaches about reducing, recycling, and reusing, and it has the glyph questions on it.
Please visit my store {HERE} to check it out.

Student Example of the Earth Day Glyph with Earth Day Word Challenge Freebie

Student Earth Day Glyph
Robin @ Sweet Tea Classroom


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