Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fine Motor Skills Activities, Color Recognition, and Dinosaur Themed

If you know me, I'm big on fine motor skills for the little ones. I created this dinosaur themed activity for all who love to teach about dinosaurs. My main goal was to create an activity that promotes fine motor skills in a fun way.

fine motor skills activities
Plus, plus special education students and students with autism often need help developing fine motor skills and I think that this activity is a good fit too.

dinosaur learning center
Learning Center Folder
This is a super way to teach color recognition as well as get students to work with letter and word recognition. Why just teach one topic when you can teach more at the same time, right? Integrate fun!

fine motor skills for pre-k

Here's how it works. Let your little ones paint a set of clothespins. Paint one clothespin for each letter in the words for the colors that you'll use. So you will paint three red for R-E-D. We used tempera paint cakes. This is one of my classroom must-have items. Forget the jars or even the... gasp..powder. Use tempera cakes.

clothespin activities

Then add the letters to the clothespins with Sharpie markers or any type of permanent marker. You'll need to do this step.

color recognition activity
Now, what the kiddos will do is match or clip the clothespins to the stegosaurus that is the same color. Older kiddos will match the letters too. Notice how I left the letters off of the orange and yellow clips. This is for students who will have difficulty matching the letters too. 

One student can work on this dinosaur folder center or you can make a dinosaur train for a small group activity. Place the dinosaurs in a circle and put the clothespins in the center.

This is a perfect way for little fingers to work with fine motor skills as they clip each clothespin to the dinosaur's back. Plus, they'll have fun learning. You can find out more about this activity at my teaching resource store {here}

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