Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Teaching Cursive Writing Strokes with Watercolor Paint

Learning should be fun, but when you're teaching cursive writing, it can be a challenge to make learning cursive writing fun. Today, we threw in a bit of art (shame on all you administrators for taking it out of classrooms) and we learned how to write cursive letter strokes using watercolors.

cursive writing strokes

A student will make more fluid natural strokes using a paintbrush, so this is a super way to connect watercolor painting and cursive writing.

We started with the basic cursive writing strokes: undercurve, downcurve, overcurve, slant, and connector.

 cursive writing strokes
Using a paintbrush, it's easy to work with moving the brush and holding the brush in the right way to make the strokes.

cursive writing strokescursive writing strokes
The kiddos used different color paints and practiced their strokes across the sheet of paper. Oh, did I mention that they had fun learning cursive too? Art belongs in the classroom. It's a super teaching tool.

cursive writing strokes
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  1. This is such a fun idea! It will also teach the kids that they don't have to press so hard when they're writing and get an ache in their arm.. just let it flow!

    Teacher Kirra:Maestra Kirra

  2. So great! My daughter Lorelei is finishing kindergarten this week and has been excited to learn cursive over the summer as it is not taught at her school. I showed her this (she reads well) and she says she wants to learn this way too!

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  4. "Joined up writing" is a common phrase for cursive writing in British English. "Running Writing" is the term sometimes used in Australia.


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